Our Truck’s Safety

The Transportation Research Center (TRC) tested the 2001 Hi-V-Co Catering step van on December 2000.

The hard work and long hours in designing the food truck body By Mr. Karapetian paid off when: The TRC gave the truck an outstanding score at an impact speed of 30.5 mph (49.1 kph). The highest in the step van industry. The TRC Recorded the driver with a HIC of 655 and the passenger with a HIC of 456 well below the maximum allowed of 1,000 HIC by NHTSA.



Less damage to body
Less mechanical damage
Less chassis damage
Reduces side body damage that can result from front impact accidents



Please note how front cab assembly has maintained its integrity
Minimizes possibility of windshield damage
Prompt replacement part availability


Low repair cost
Minimizes side bubbling
Driver safety
Passenger safety


M&B Catering

Beatriz Aguilar

My husband walked away with minimal scratches……..

Thank you for building such a strong truck!”

El Rey del Mar Lonchera

Jesus Luna

“It literally push the truck into the curve and we escape without injury”