Frequently Asked Questions

Start with you. Do you have a restaurant experience? Do you have a culinary background? These are the attributes of a great food truck operator.  

Yes, a menu is extremely important! A menu is required to get your food truck permitted by the Health Department. A menu will also help you determine the type of food truck you will need. The standard truck is designed to accommodate a fast-food menu.  

The are many variations of food trucks and each comes with different options. Please call us for a quote. 

AA Cater truck is determined to produce Safe and Durable food trucks with key focuses on 

(1) Safety – in propane, electrical, structure, and kitchen equipment designs. 

(2) Durability – using the best in class materials and engineering kitchens to prevent water and grease penetrations; and 

(3) Effectiveness and ease of use, including facilitating ease of access for cleaning and servicing equipment. 

A wrap should be considered part of your marketing material to promote your name and menu as well as giving your food truck a personality to stand out. Traditional trucks prefer the classic truck look.  

Yes, you will need a business license from every city you do business in. You will also need a Health Permit, a Resale Permit, and your food truck need to be certified by the State (HCD), displaying the insignia.

Yes, in most cities you can vend from the street so long as you comply with traffic laws and city ordinances.

No. Not only is it a traffic violation, it is also very dangerous and could lead to fatalities.

Yes, The equipment on AA trucks are listed to their corresponding ANSI standards.

AA is the only Food Truck Builder with a crash video for public view and AA is proud of the results. Click on link for video and results

Yes, AA offers a number of financing options. AA Leasing’s popular “Lease-purchase financing” offers a low entry startup of 25% down-payment with 3 to 10-year lease terms and minimal residual value final payment. Offers are subject to credit approval.