Foreign Models

Built on Kamaz Chassis

Trucks can be exported to many areas of the world,
Eastern Europe, Latin America, China, the Middle East, Indonesia, Singapore, India and North Africa.

What's included in the International Models

The AA Route Catering Deluxe Series can help you make more profit for the outstanding endurance, durability and performance of the truck. It’s the closest thing to a money tree!


– Equipment install with a mobile application in mind.

– 304 alloy Stainless Steel

– Fine Finishing by Experienced craftsman

– Insulated with Fiberglass R30 insulation

– Back up Generators

– Cove Aluminium flooring


– Superior Design and Construction

– Solid Interlocking Aluminum Body

– Unique AeroDynamic Structure

– ANSI Listed Equipment

– Build with an eye on Safety

– HCD Approval of Compliance Insignia “HUD Label”

– Space Heaters

– Propane Tank with heat blankets

– Cold weather package

– Versatile Kitchen to accommodate different menus

Space Heaters

Space heaters are placed to warm up the inside of the truck when needed. Extreme cold weather can be a burden when cooking your favorite meals.

Deep Fryer and Open Burner

Two AF 35/45 deep Fryer with double baskets

With center two open burner with cap.

Power Blanket

This blanket covers the propane tank to keep it warm under extreme cold weather. Propane tank works more efficiently when kept warm.



Two flat griddles are installed to eliminate the mixture of two proteins. It is placed under two exhaust fans to feed all the heat out of the interior.

Steam Table

Steam tables a mainly use to maintain your cooked food at required temperature. it has two large bins but can also be divided as desired.

Steam Table

Steam tables a mainly use to maintain your cooked food at required temperature. it has two large bins but can also be divided as desired.


The adequate charbroiler is designed with efficiency and safety in mind. It’s installed with proper care to and placed next to the rest to cut down the cooking time. Made from a cast-iron grill, this charbroiler (with proper care) is made to last.

Coffee Urn

The coffee urn is developed to make batches a coffee. It’s designed to maintain the adequate temperature needed for a hot beverage. The two faucets (right for coffee, left for hot water) allows you to have a variety of hot beverages.


The deep coved sink area can be used for your every need. The faucet is attached to a fresh water tank to extract clean every time. The drain is attached to a waste water tank under the tank and is completely sealed to minimize the leakage onto the street.

Refrigeration table

The refrigeration table is produce to have your necessary cooking ingredients cool. With many deep dishes, the set ups are endless.


The three compartment refrigeration system is set to a regulatory temperature system. Inside stainless steel shelves are placed to organize refrigerated food or food products.

Storage Compartments

These storage compartments are made to be lengthy and wide to fix many of your storage needs as possible. The the stainless steel fixture, it’s made to be durable. The sliding door is made by plexiglass material to ensure road bumps or any disturbance won’t break or crack.