Standard Food Truck

The Standard Food Truck

The AA Route Catering Deluxe Series can help you make more profit for the outstanding endurance, durability and performance of the truck. It's the closest thing to a money tree!


-Equipment build specific for a mobile application

– 304 alloy Stainless Steel

– Fine Finishing by Experienced Craftsman

-Seamless Installations with rounded corners

-Patented Design Refrigeration with no internal seams

-Battery Power System

-Back up Generators

-Cove Aluminium flooring


– Competitive Price

– Excellence Guarantee

– Easy Payment Financing

-Great long term investment


– Superior Design and Construction

– Solid Interlocking Aluminum Body

– Unique AeroDynamic Structure

-ANSI Listed Equipment

-Build with an eye on Safety

-HCD Approval of Compliance Insignia”HUD Label”

-Member of NFPA

What’s included with your Food Truck

Warming oven: (Left)

Specially designed to keep your pre-made pre-packaged goods warm. Shelves are especially made to fit generic items such as bowls, sandwiches and trays.

The warming oven is ran of the battery system and will work continuously to keep your food or itm at a constant temperature.

The warming oven and made with two entries, both front and rear. We made the rear opening for the completed dishes made directly from the cook and quickly placed in the oven.


Display refrigerator: (Right)

The display refrigerator is a cold box for all the applicable pre-packaged foods. It is also ran off the battery system and will work continuously to have a constant temperature.

The display refrigerator was careful placed on the right side to insure that there’s no temperature collisions that would consume more energy than necessary.

The display refrigerator is made with only one entry due to temperature escape.


In between both cabinets is a well spaced insulated area to prevent temperature confusion.

Ice Tank:

Ice tank has been redesign to be more efficient. This tank is completely insulated and is water tight for no leakage. It is made with stainless steel to minimize holes in the walls and it’s been sealed with polyurethane sealant for zero leakage.

The tank is also made with a drainage hole with guide creases to have every drop of water drain out of the tank. The tank is connected the a waste water tank placed and secured under the truck to eliminate waste water poured into the street.

Shelves are specially designed to fit almost all prepackaged good of your choosing. All shelves are made from chrome steel to insure durability with proper care.


Rear Entry

Rear entrance door is designed for the easy cleaning when being watering down the floor of your truck. The floor is welded and seamless to eliminate water being trapped throughout the truck.

Grease catch can is placed under the grill for the extraction of the grease on the grill. The extraction system is especially designed to make the flow of grease a lot more smoother and cleaner.

A multi gallon trash bin is securely placed under the grill, away from any food and is easily accessible.

Truck Ceiling

The patented design of the bubble top is standard in our featured trucks. The engineered bubble top was invented to have air circulation throughout the interior of the food truck. As heat raises, the bubble top introduces a path to circulate outward, making the food truck cooler.

LED Lighting

We have upgraded our interior lighting to LED for less heat output and less energy consumed with brighter lumens.

 Interior Features:

  1. The deep-fat fryer has two baskets and a lock-down lid which closes down when the truck is in motion.
  2. The water system consists of two optional spray hoses, one near the steam table and the other near the coffee urn. In addition, a built in hose is installed to wash down the interior of the truck.
  3. The large grill is made of stainless steel with rounded corners for easy cleaning. It’s heated by three burners, each one with a manual valve to adjust the heat on any part of the grill safely. The flow of propane is controlled by a safety pilostat, pilot carrier burner and thermocouple.

Exterior Features:

  1. The refrigerated cold box has two cooling systems; a 110 volt condensing unit which freezes a cold holding plate over night and an engine-mounted compressor for use when the truck is in motion.
  2. Optional sunroof (Bubble Top)
  3. The two exhaust vents on the rear of the truck have removable louvers for easy cleaning. The emergency door is held in the open position by gas arms and is located near metal bins for trash and grease.
  4. The 10-gallon Coffee Urn is heated by propane with a temperature control valve and safety pilostat. Coffee Urn comes with hot cup dispenser.
  5. Mid-section stainless steel shelving for your food displaying needs
  6. Menu